What type of oil goes in my Dodge 2500/3500 manual shift truck transmission?


High Gear Transmission | Manual NV5600 6-speed transmission

The Motor: Transmission Fluid Service Guide recommends using GLS (Mopar part # 04877764) 4.5 liters or 9.5 pints, but here at High Gear Transmission we recommend using Exxon Mobil Delvac synthetic gear lube, 50 weight. It will take 4 quarts to reach the fill hole, however here at High Gear Transmission we recommend using 6 quarts. Once you reach the fill hole with 4 quarts, you can pour the two extra quarts in the shift top (where the shifter stick is located).

Here at High Gear Transmission we have remanufactured over 600 of these units (Manual NV5600 6-speed) in the past few years and consistently see damage due to over-heating and lack of lubricant in the units. So we invited an Exxon Mobile representative to visit us at High Gear and help determine the best oil for the NV5600 6-speed manual transmission. After many tests we concluded running Mobil Delvac 50 weight with two quarts over full will definitely improve the life of your unit. You can buy Mobil Delvac oil with confidence, this is great oil and you will not be disappointed.

Do you have any Questions or Concerns?  Then call us at High Gear Transmission, 901-278-0090.


High Gear Transmission | Mobil Delvac 50 weight transmission oil

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