Inside High Gear’s Tremec T56

Do you have an old hot-rod restoration project? Do you have a T56 that shifts rough? If so, then our custom Tremec T56 is essential for you! We were founded in 1989, so after 20+ years of experience, High Gear Transmission has perfected the T56 rebuild.

Most manual transmissions have 3 shift rails and this can cause problems, because there are more internal gears and parts which can break. The T56 was innovatively engineered with 1 shift rail, so there are fewer parts to tear up, and no jamming, while delivering faster, smoother shifts. The T56 will bolt to most any Chevy with a 5.7 liter motor, so it has been an extremely popular transmission since its birth into the automotive industry. Many folks consider the T56 the best 6-speed on the planet.

The T56 is an extremely reliable, well-built transmission, ask any T56 owner, but like any mechanical part it will eventually wear out and break down. Do not let some quack rebuild your beloved T56. Repairs, new transmissions, parts, and labor becomes increasingly tough on the wallet and quite stressful, but worry no more! The experienced trusted staff at High Gear is here for You! High Gear Transmission can sell you a quality T56 ‘reman’ and have you back on the road in no time.

High Gear completely dissembles the entire T56 unit and looks over every single internal part, down to the last spring. Any part that is worn, or may cause failure or problems in the future is replaced with tested proven parts. High Gear Micro-Polishes all the gears and parts for smooth and quit shifting. All parts are soaked in the hot tank with a special mineral solvent, then every part is blown dry with high pressure air; finally everything is laid out to be reassembled by the trusted experienced staff at High Gear.

The Tremec T56 ‘reman’ is full of specialized High Gear upgrades. High Gear replaces the plastic shifter bushing with a brass bushing which is stronger, more reliable, and will not wear out. The original aluminum 3/4 fork is upgraded to steel providing a much stronger fork which is less likely to break. The plastic fork pads are upgraded with thicker brass fork pads. The brass fork pads, have a longer lifetime, and will not harden or become brittle and break like the plastic fork pads. Debris build-up is extremely detrimental to the T56 and can easily break gears. High Gear uses two circular magnets to catch any metal shavings or debris that over time would build up in a unit, thus increasing the lifetime of a T56. Once High Gear has completed the internal ‘reman’ process, the T56 is reassembled with cases that have been bead blasted, steam cleaned, and powder coated, for optimal durability of exterior casing and looks like a piece a candy. It almost makes you want to eat it.


All High Gear ‘reman’ transmissions are rebuilt with new bearings and small parts kit, and the syncro rings are changed from paper to carbon fiber. After reassembly, all transmissions are tested on the High Gear professional dyno testing machine. The professional High Gear dyno provides the most accurate testing results to assure the unit does not leak, squeak, moan, groan, rust, bust, or collect dust. The dyno simulates an applied heavy load with a high rate of speed, thereby assuring the unit operates with the maximum performance under the toughest conditions. | 901-278-0090 |


8 thoughts on “Inside High Gear’s Tremec T56

  1. I’ve got a 1996 Z28 with what sounds and feels like a bad input shaft/bearing. Got a really, really cheap remanned one? I don’t need the fancy paint, just the internals. Gotta cut costs.


  2. I am building a 1970 Camaro , I have a 1993 Lt1 5.7L from a Camaro, I am looking for a t56 six speed to mate to it, I do not have a core , what can I do to obtain one of your reman. units ? also do you know if the distance from the bell housing to the shifter center location will be the same as the Muncie four speed ? please help …… I am lost here


  3. I want a remenned sprayed blue if possible. Lookin to handle 600+ hp on a built 4.6 DOHC mustang. Whats something like that cost? Thanks ,Aaron


  4. I want to convert a 2001 Z28 Camaro with a 4-speed auto tranny to a 6-speed manual. I understand that you sell the T-56 tranny for this conversion, but do you also sell the needed accessories such as bellhousing, brake and clutch pedals, etc. as a kit? If so, how much is the complete kit?


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